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Are you a recumbent bicycle dealer? Are you considering carrying 'bents in your shop and need the best opportunity to explore this growing market? Then register for free, and put the 2014 Recumbent Cycle-Con Trade Show & Convention on your calendar right now!

Being held October 10 - 12, at the DuPage Expo Center in St. Charles, IL, the Recumbent Cycle-Con is a three-day celebration featuring the newest in recumbent bikes, trikes, gear, and accessories. Registration for bicycle retailers and staff is free until October 1, 2014, ($10.00 per day on-site after that). All three days will be filled with informative educational seminars, product demonstrations, contests and other events for dealers and staff. Technicians, engineers and designers from the all the major recumbent bike, trike, component, and accessory manufacturers will provide helpful, hands-on seminars, demonstrations and training sessions that will be beneficial to bike shop mechanics and recumbent DIY enthusiasts alike.

Things kick off on Friday, October 10, with an Industry-Only trade show for recumbent bicycle manufacturers, bicycle dealers, accessory suppliers, distributors, and other members of the bicycle industry. A full schedule of dealer-oriented seminars and demonstrations, along with the opportunity to see and ride all the newest recumbents from around the world make this a must-do on any dealers' schedule. Manufacturers and suppliers from around the world will meet with bicycle dealers and distributors to introduce all their new products, services and accessories. Dealers and shop employees will also get plenty of firsthand experience riding all the new recumbent bike and trikes in the Outdoor Demo Ride Arenas. The annual Recumbent Industry Dinner will be held Friday night, right next door at the Hilton Garden St. Charles, giving everyone in the industry a chance to mingle, make new friends, and touch bases with other industry colleagues. The show is open to members of the industry as well as the public on Saturday, October 11 and Sunday, October 12.

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Show Hours:
Friday, October 10 (Industry Only).....................................9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Friday, October 10, Recumbent Industry Dinner................5:30 pm, doors open, no-host bar. Dinner 6:15 p.m. to 9:30 pm
Saturday, October 11.........................................................9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Sunday, October 12...........................................................10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Monday, September 23, 2013

TRIOT Recumbent Trike debuted at 2013 Recumbent Cycle-Con

The TRIOT recumbent trike, from Kaysville, Utah-based Recreational Systems, Inc., made its industry debut at the 2013 Recumbent Cycle-Con Trade Show & Convention, November 1, 2 & 3, in Pomona, California.

This new trike is the product of extensive research and engineering, and boasts innovative features not previously available in the recumbent trike market. The TRIOT will be available in pedal-only, and electric-assist versions. Both versions will include full suspension, a unique air-bladder seat and advanced controls for shifting braking. See this all-new trike in the RC-C's Outdoor Demo Arena Booths #TS11 & TS12.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

ICE VTX – A New Breed of Recumbent Trike Introduced at RC-C 2013

Inspired Cycle Engineering (ICE Trikes) introduced their new racing recumbent trike — the ICE VTX — at the 2013 Recumbent Cycle-Con Trade Show & Convention.
    The ICE VTX is a new breed of recumbent trike. Sleek, lean and finely tuned, the ICE VTX is designed to provide superior performance, speed and precise handling to the most exacting rider.
    Carefully considered design and specialized components, such as a lightweight boom and carbon fiber seat, brings the VTX+ in under 30lbs. An optimized cruciform and one-piece handlebar provides stability and nimble handling at high speed. Advanced race components and customized features efficiently convert pedaling effort into speed, and a low recline angle — down to 25° — minimizes frontal area to reduce aerodynamic drag. The hydro-formed back-end gives optimal strength and stiffness while remaining lightweight.
    The obvious advantage of the ICE VTX recumbent trike is the comfortable, anatomically shaped Air-Pro seat which supports through aggressive cornering and provides a firm brace to pedal against. The seat is based on a handmade shell, made in either glass fiber or, on the VTX+, carbon-fiber. The shell is faced with a single piece cover designed with padded zones separated by air flow routes for ventilation. Technical fabrics in each zone have been selected for breathability and durability.
    Using the latest technologies, finest materials and expert engineering skills ICE has produced yet another trike that is second to none in its class.
    The ICE VTX will be exhibited at Recumbent Cycle Convention in California, USA this November. Detailed information on the VTX will be available at the Convention. Until then the VTX can be watched in action on the ICE Trikes YouTube channel. The ICE VTX will be available to purchase from the start of 2014.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Seven No B.S. Strategies to Grow Your Business
What took Mickey O’Brien, of Laid Back Cycles in Sacramento, California, from a new start-up recumbent trike shop to a Top Selling Dealer in under six months? RC-C 2013 attendees learned the surprising reasons you should “position” instead of prospect for sales. Mickey shared his Seven No B.S. Strategies for overcoming obstacles to success.

Mickey's Seven No B.S. Strategies dealer seminar was just one of many informative, educational and entertaining recumbent dealer seminars, forums, presentations and demonstrations on the schedule during the 2013 Recumbent Cycle-Con Trade Show & Convention.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Maria Parker, Cruzbike, Wins at 2013 Race Across America (RAAM)

In June, Cruzbike fans around the world followed the greatest race in the sport of ultra-cycling: Race Across America (RAAM). Maria Parker rode her Cruzbike Vendetta in solo competition, facing four other elite female endurance athletes including six-time RAAM champion Seana Hogan.
    Disaster struck during the third day of the race. While traveling through the Navajo Nation in Arizona, Maria’s follow vehicle was rear-ended by a texting driver traveling 65 mph. The vehicle, both her spare bikes, and all her spare wheels were destroyed. Her son had a minor head injury requiring overnight observation.
    In the aftermath of the accident, the crew debated whether it was safe, or even possible, to continue. Three crew members decided to go home, but Maria wanted to race on. She started back in the race at the scene of the accident 24 hours later, dead last and hundreds of miles behind her competition… with just one bike.
    Then the most amazing thing happened. She closed the enormous gap to her competitors and she won the race. New online tracking technology allowed fans to witness the greatest comeback in RAAM’s 32 year history.

    Maria won the Seana Hogan Award: First Female Finisher, the Rookie of the Year Award, and the Trane Unstoppable Award. It's also the first time a women over 50 has won the overall award. RAAM’s official reporter, Vic Armijo, described the astonishing victory in an article titled “MARIA PARKER: The most inspirational RAAM story ever!”
    Cruzbike, Inc., a major sponsor of Maria’s RAAM effort, salutes her determination and perseverance. Maria’s effort drew worldwide attention, not only to the phenomenal capability of a Cruzbike, but also to the cause of raising money for finding a cure for brain cancer and inspiring cancer victims and their loved ones to have hope, even against overwhelming odds.
    Thanks to all those who followed and supported Maria during the Race Across America. The Race to Cure Brain Cancer is still going and it’s not too late to help.
    To donate, visit 3000MilestoaCure.com
Be sure to visit the Cruzbike booth during the 2013 Recumbent Cycle-Con to see the Cruzbike Vendtta, meet Maria, and test ride a Cruzbike recumbent on the Recumbent Demo Ride Arena. You’ll find Cruzbike in booth R42, alongside the Demo Rider Arena.

Monday, June 10, 2013


The latest from Trident Trikes were on disply in Booth R39 during the 2013 Recumbent Cycle-Con Trade Show & Convention. Charlotte, North Carolina-based Trident Trikes offers nine models of recumbent trikes. Their Stowaway, Monorail and Chamelion models all come with standard rear racks, fenders, pedals, safety flag, front/rear lights and mirror. Dealers will get the chance to ride the Trident Chameleion Convertitrike Tandem/Single on the RC-C Demo Ride Arena, November 1, 2 & 3 at the Fairplex.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Edge Recumbents Reintroduced Revered Nameplates and Bikes at RC-C

Edge Recumbents Hepcat
Seymour, Tennessee-based Edge Recumbents reintroduced the recumbent world to some of the most beloved names in the business. If you've been around long enough to miss the D'Jango, Hepcat, Canto, Taiko, Koosah, and the Jettcreek, you'll be delighted to know that these models are again being hand-made in America's heartland. Make plans to see and ride these refined, upgraded, and still proudly Made In The USA, at the 2013 Recumbent Cycle-Con Trades Show & Convention. You'll find Edge Recumbent in Booths R1, R2 & R3.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Maria Parker Riding RAAM on RAAM-Ready

 Cruzbike Vendetta

Want to stay updated on Maria's Race Across America progress? Get daily updates from 3000 Miles to a Cure Click here to sign up.

Cruzbike is fully committed to supporting Maria Parker as she prepares to compete in Race Across America, with the start for all solo riders set for Thursday, June 11.
    By entering solo RAAM, not only is Maria displaying her energy for a worthy cause and a dogged determination to fight brain cancer, but she has given the folks at Cruzbike the opportunity to re-think every dimension of what they think makes a great racing bike.
    It's been very demanding to meet the challenge! In fact, a complete redesign of the record setting Cruzbike Vendetta was prepared for the event. Many of the refinements and developments made for her race bikes will underpin the products that will offered in the coming months.
    On this new bike, Cruzbike debuts, for the first time on a recumbent bike, advanced hydroforming technology, giving the new bike a liquid smooth profile through air.
    Special handlebars, special headrest air cushions, special gearing solutions, special wheels and new headrest mounted bottle cages. It is a piece of machinery that everyone at Cruzbike is truly proud of.
   We welcome you all to be enthralled as Maria and her team build towards the big race. Join us on the edge of seats as we watch and cheer for Maria pedalling mile upon mile across the great North American continent.
Take a moment to wish her well, and look forward to meeting here during the 2013 Recumbent Cycle-Con Trade Show & Convention:
Sign up for e-mail updates during her journey here.
Please consider donating to brain cancer research at www.3000MilestoaCure.com and like the facebook page.

Friday, March 22, 2013

ICE has begun to produce a new 'tech guide' film series, featuring its Adventure and Spring Models. It explains some of the ins-and-outs of recumbent trike frame design. You'll see all the latest trikes from ICE in their booth and on the Demo Riding Arena during the 2013 Recumbent Cycle-Con. Don't miss them in booth TS-1.